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Coffee Shop Samwayle

Only one moment - when the barista reaches out over the bar to transfer the cup to the outstretched hand of the buyer. But this is exactly the moment when a connection arises between us and our guests.

And we strive to do our best to maintain this connection - starting with our commitment to selecting the highest quality coffee in the world and ending with how we interact with guests and organizations to fulfill our obligations.

Coffee of the day

Americano coffee (Italian: Caffè Americano) is an espresso diluted with hot water. The presence of foam (cream) depends on how coffee and water are mixed. Attention! The concepts of “American” and “American coffee” should not be confused. n the second case, this refers not to diluted espresso, but to a drink prepared through a filter system..

product one

Peru Cenfrocafe

product two

Costa Rica Finca Edgar

product three

Costa Rica Las Abejas

product four

Decaf Colombia

product five


product six

Decaf Colombia

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